Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lake Fun

I am behind on posts and I apologize.  I hope to catch up this coming week!  However, I have a funny story that I had to share before I forgot!

Yesterday after Mike got off work we all drive down to Moss Lake to visit our friends Chris and Erica.  Auntie Crystal and Uncle Dean came too!  Well after dinner we all decided to take a late evening boat ride and watch the sun go down.  While we were out there someone suggested to let the kids drive. Chris thinking that they probably didn't know how got up and let Zack sit in his seat.  (He thought Zack might just play with the wheel and that was it.). Zack sat down immediately and pushed the throttle all the way down and we went flying!!  Everyone was taken back and Chris had to try and jump back in the seat to slow the boat down.  Zack was smiling the whole time!  We all just laughed so hard.  Every chance he got he pushed the gas down hard!  Yes I am going to have my hands full with this one!!

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Amy and Michael said...

Lol. Runs in the blood. Love it!!!