Sunday, January 12, 2014

Crazy New Year

Well 2014 didn't quite start out as wonderful as I had hoped, but I'm going to look at the glass half full and think...well it is only going to get better.  On Thursday the 2nd, I awoke to find that my phone had deleted all my contacts and their numbers.  Then around noon we had a knock on our door.  It was our neighbor's kid in a panic and said that his mom was across the street and needed help.  Their oven was on fire.  Mike ran over there and sure enough it was ablaze.  She had called the fire dept, but couldn't find their extinguisher.  I ran downstairs and pulled out our extinguisher and handed it over to Mike to use.  He put out the fire just as the fire dept was showing up.  Our poor neighbor's had ash and smoke smell everywhere.  I have to say...our neighbor's, Cooper, was in awe of Mike.  He kept telling Maddie and Zack that he didn't know that their daddy was a fireman.  So cute!!

Then around 2pm Maddie started screaming about her ear.  Sure enough she had an ear infection.  This was her first infection.

Monday, our first day back at school and I received a text message from the kids' teacher.  Zack's face was completely broken out.  Yep, it's that time of year again.  So I immediately called the doctor and she believes that Zack has some kind of dermatitis, and that his skin is super dry.  The dry air mixes with the cold and makes his face break out.  So she suggested I apply Vaseline to his face before he goes outside and see if that helps.  Fingers crossed that this works!   

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