Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My big Mishap

So remember I mentioned that I want to start training for a Sprint Triathlon.  Well...a couple of weeks I had a spill.  Not only did I have a spill, I also had some complications with a Yellow jacket.  First, I wanted to get in 30 miles (which would normally take me just shy of 2 hrs).  This was the first time I left directly from my house and not have Mike drive me out somewhere.  So, I left the house.  Less than 15 minutes in, somewhere between mile 4 and 5, I had a yellow jacket get stuck in my wrist band for my mace.  He started stinging me, and stinging me and stinging me.  I had to find a level ground to stop and get him out.  (I wear clipped in shoes and have clip pedals.  It is easier to go steady speed, but harder to start and stop because you are clipped into the bike.)  I called Mike right away to let him know that I was just stung repeatedly by a yellow jacket...his reply was "do I need to come get you, or are you going to push through it."  Well, to me that means I need to get over it!  So I told him that every 10 minutes I will check in and let him know if I am ok.  It was going great.  I was back at my 15 mph normal speed.
Then came my mishap.  I was just under 15 miles (aka my turning point, literally where I turn around) and I was going to go over a railroad track.  This particular railroad track is not perfectly perpendicular to the road.  In fact it kind of goes with the road for a little bit.  Somehow my front tire got into the railroad track groove and I went down.  HARD!  Somehow my foot came out of my clip (which was a GOOD thing) and I went off the bike.  I tore up my elbow and got asphalt rash all up and down my left side.  Luckily no car was behind me, so I didn't get hit.  My first thought after it happened (beside the excruciating pain) was to get out of the road as fast as possible so I wouldn't get hit by a car.  Then after I was no longer in harms way, I called Mike to come get me and then I looked at my battle wounds.   I looked a little beat up.  Don't worry, I am ok and I have since been back on the bike with no mishaps.  Just wanted to share my pics and story!

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