Thursday, October 9, 2014

Communion Craziness

Boy do I have a story for you!  Mike and I are the head of the Lord's Supper this year.  We just became the chair.  Sunday was National Communion Sunday, so our church participated too.  Mike and I set up for communion on Wednesday night, like we have in the past.  This time however, we used a different juice.  We were given muscadine Juice instead of normal grape juice.  Sunday morning at 8:15 (early service starts at 8:30) we went to set everything out for communion.  I picked up half the juice trays and set them out in the sanctuary.  I went to the back to get the rest, when I see Mike kind of in a panic and he tells me "um...these all have mold in them.  Go, back and check the other juices."  So I run and get the 200 juice cups I just sat out, and sure enough all 400 communion cups have mold floating around.  So as fast as we could, Mike and I start dumping out all 400 cups.  We start filling up the trays with new cups and filling them with juice as fast as our fingers could move.  We got 6 trays out (enough for 1st service), but as we were trying to get ready for 2nd service, we ran out of cups since we just dumped 400 down the trash.  Mike then runs out to every store we could think of looking for cups.  NO ONE sells communion cups, not even Walmart.  Luckily a deacon came by and I told her what was going on and she had the idea of us asking a neighbor church.  So, I relay the message to Mike.  He walks up to another church and asks if we can take 200 cups for our 2nd service.  By the time we got everything set up, we were exhausted!  Luckily crisis averted!  It is a funny story now, maybe not so much at the time, but funny now!!

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Amy and Michael said...

Just goes to show the God provides every time!! Great job