Friday, November 28, 2014

So sorry

I know what you are thinking..."I guess April is no longer posting anything"!  Well, I am here to dispute that.  I apologize for the month worth of break.  We up and bought a house and moved in this week. We still aren't "moved" in perse, but all of our boxes and "stuff" have been moved in and I plan on posting transformation pics soon.  We have LOTS of projects we will be doing to the new house so I hope to have before and after posts for everyone.  I say "we", but it might just be me, we'll see...

Some exciting news, our "old" house is currently under contract and is planning on closing December 9th.  It might close a little earlier.  We are so happy that our house is under contract so soon.  Praise the Lord for His blessings!!

I plan on posting a ton of things over the next month, so check daily.  Our elf, Dash, has returned and we all know what crazy shenanigans he can get into.

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