Saturday, December 12, 2015

Our chaotic Life

This week we have all been under the weather.  Of course that doesn't mean we were all home sick in bed.  Nope!  Our church musical is this weekend, with one show completed last night.  We have one today and two tomorrow.  Poor Michael didn't even have a voice to sing on Wednesday, but we have been downing loads of medicine, zinc, vitamin c, you name it, we have tried it.  The first performance went great!  Michael sounded awesome and in my two songs I was able to have a voice to squeak by,  

Not only have I been dealing with everyone's colds, but I have also had a TON of business orders.  I had 4 dresses due this week and of course they were all brand new dresses I have never attempted.  I got them all completed and I think they turned out great.  We also had our normal run mom ragged schedule with dance and we started basketball this week.  

Just another week in the life of a Hectic Nowell!!

What's up next week? 5 dresses, monogrammed vest, monogrammed pillow, dance for Maddie (special class where they dress up like princesses), church (kids have to bring baby gifts for baby Jesus, which are donated to our pregnancy support center), basketball, kids play, my class play, my class party, teacher party, secret sister gifts due all week, parent and kids gifts due, and last but not least we have a Christmas surprise for the kids. We also are continuing to do Christmas books every day and an advent activity.  I'm looking forward to the 19th!!!!!

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