Friday, January 9, 2009

Getting the car inspected

So...for the past week I have been trying to get my car inspected. It took me four tries! It all started on Wednesday 12/31 when we realized our inspection was due that day. So we took it to a local place where they proceeded to tell us that the do not do emissions testing. So then we took it to Asheboro where we tried to get it done, but they couldn't because our car didn't pass. We needed to fix our radiator, the belt was loose and our engine light was on. So then we call back to the dealership where we just picked it up from on Tuesday the 30th to tell them that they didn't fix anything like they told us.

So this Thursday I took the car into the dealership to get everything done. They fixed all the problems and then proceeded to tell me they couldn't inspect it because the new radiator had to be driven at least 50 miles before they could test. So then I drove back home and then back to the dealership the next day where they said they couldn't pass me because a license plate light was out. (By now I was getting a little ill). I asked them can't they just replace the bulb and then do the test? They said yes, but they needed to get my permission first.

So 30 minutes later I paid $30 for them to screw in a bulb plus $30 more for the inspection and my car was finally inspected. Then I drove off and noticed I had the same old sticker in the window. I then turned around and went back. I walked in and told them that I needed a sticker. He had the nerve to laugh at me and said that they don't do stickers anymore, and that a police officer can tell just by looking at my lisence plate.

THIS is why I HATE getting the car fixed.

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kara battel said...

yeah!!!! i love that you are a blogger! i had no idea that you were here! whohoo!