Monday, January 5, 2009

Wonderful Christmas/New Year

Okay, so it has been a while since I have posted, but I have a great excuse! I have been traveling for the last 3 weeks. December 19, we headed out to Asheboro to drop off my wonderful dog, Trapper. Then on the 21st we had to sing at church so we headed back to RR. After church we had lunch w/ some friends and then headed to Castle Hayne to spend time w/ Mike's dad and step mom. We were there for Sunday night to Tuesday morning when headed to Jacksonville to spend time with Mike's mom, stepdad and sister/bro in law. Plus we had the chance to spend time with our favorite niece!!! She is SO adorable.

Thursday (Christmas Day) morning we opened gifts, then headed back to Castle Hayne for Christmas Lunch and open more gifts. Then we headed back to Asheboro that night were we opened gifts from 10:30pm-midnight. Saturday morning we spent w/ my mom's family and had a wonderful lunch. We got to spend time with my sister, parents and my friends. On Sunday the 28th, I sang at my parent's church and tried singing A Baby Changes Everything. I love that song! Then Monday came and we headed home. Tuesday we had to drop my car off to get fixed (it still isn't fixed) then Wednesday was New Year's Eve. We spent the night at Claire and Gregory's house where we played Rock Band, Mad Gab, and poker until the ball dropped. We got home at 2am. Then I was up at 8 am on the 1st so I could go see my sister b/c she was scheduled to deliver her baby on Friday (more to come in the next post).

I racked up on Christmas, I received a Wii Fit, digital picture frame, some cooking supplies, and some great books to read. My Christmas was absolutely WONDERFUL!!!

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