Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gearing up

As the twins' birthday party gets closer and closer, I am starting to get more and more stressed. I keep thinking up things that I want to do, which makes me go crazy. So, to help get things prepared my mom (Mamaw) came up on Friday.
Maddie giving Arrie a toy.

Arrie climbing on Zack

We got SO much done! Friday night after our friends left (Graham, Brandi and Arrie) mom and I started knocking out a lot. We did all of the containers for food (wrapped them), we did all of the labeling, we completed favors, made a wreath, and went to Walmart to pick up more party things. Not to mention putting together a front porch swing. All on Friday night and Saturday. Thank you so much mom! LOVE YOU!!!

On Sunday, after Mamaw left we ended up receiving more visitors. We had a special visit from our friends Justin and Lindsay. We haven't seen them since our baby shower in Chapel Hill. We went to school with them both. They are not going to be able to come to the birthday party so they came up to spend time with us and the twins. We took them to Logans and then hung out at the house for a couple of hours. Thank you so much Lindsay and Justin for coming up and seeing us. We love you both!

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