Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Home Depot Story

Yesterday I had to take a trip to Home Depot for a party coming up.  I had some lumber in a flat cart.  Maddie and Zack were with me, and of course were running up and down the aisle.  I will say, that every aisle I went down there was someone there asking if they could help me, which was awesome.  So I'm talking to a gentlemen about hinges and then I hear a scream... I look behind me and Maddie was trapped under the cart.  Zack had pushed it on top of her, not knowing she was there.  So I had to tell her to remain flat and I had to push the cart off of her.  Poor girl!!  She was fine, it just startled her.  I had to share the story just because I want to prove that my blog is titled Hectic Life for a reason!!

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Amy and Michael said...

I had to laugh when reading this. Your kids do these things to each other on accident while mine do it intentionally!