Sunday, September 1, 2013

4 year old Checkup

Friday we had our 4 year old checkup.  It went great (other than those awful shots)!  The kids both have excellent vision and hearing.  Maddie is now on the growth curve scale (that is a amazing in itself!) at 11% on the weight and 3% on the height.  Woohoo!!  I know that it sounds crazy that I'm happy about that but considering where we were three years ago doing all those tests (for no reason in my book), I'm just ecstatic!

Zack was 15% on height and 10% on weight.  Yay!!!  After we received our shots we were off to preschool to meet our new teachers for the year.  We got Mrs Jessica and Mrs Susan, and we look forward to the new school year, which starts Tuesday!!

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