Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Babies Update

Yesterday was my 24 week appointment. We had an ultrasound first and then talked to the doctor. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures, but the ultrasound was amazing. They have gotten so big compared to 8 weeks ago. Both babies are currently breech and are up facing each other. I really wish I had a picture, it was so cute! It almost looks like they are playing with each other. Both of them are measuring right at 24 weeks.

After the sonographer took all the measurements we tried to get shots to confirm that they are still a boy and girl (or as Mike says "make sure no one has lost anything or gained anything"). At first both of them were stubborn and didn't want us to see anything. After a couple of jiggles Zack moved enough for us to see that he is still a boy. However, Maddie refused to let us see. We aren't really worried because we had such a great shot of her at the last ultrasound. Both of them currently weigh in at 1 lb 6 oz. I'm now having to be seen every 2 weeks and in 4 weeks I have to take the dreaded GD test. However, my reward will be I get another ultrasound in 4 weeks. That is the great thing about having twins, I get a TON of ultrasounds to make sure they are growing properly. Mike and I loved the doctor we saw yesterday.

After our appointment we headed to Rocky Mount for a very light shopping trip and dinner. I received my first Mother's Day gift ever, and it was early. Mike bought me the 7 season set of Gilmore Girls. I have fallen in love with this show over the last 3 months and I have made him watch with me and now he is addicted too. Then we went to Chili's for dinner. After we got home and watched a few episodes we watched the news. We discovered that yesterday in Eastern NC there were several tornadoes that touched down and one of them was in Rocky Mount. If we had stayed there for 30 minutes longer we would have been in it. This made us realize just how lucky of a day we had!

By the way we have official names, including middle names for the babies:

Zachary Ryan Nowell
Madelin Marie Nowell

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Amy and Michael Rhymer said...

Glad that the two of you left Rocky Mount when you did. I love the names! Can't wait to meet Zack and Maddie. See you at the end of the month!