Monday, May 18, 2009

Nursery in progress

Ok, it isn't completely done, but very close.
My mom came up Thursday night. Once she got here Michael helped her unload the truck while I played with Trapper and Buddy. Our next task was to decide how we were going to decorate the nursery. I had watched an episode of Deserving Design and Vern had decorated a nursery for a couple, so I DVR'd it and showed it to mom. So we decided to paint the walls the exact way, but with green instead of blue:
Friday morning, Michael went to work while mom and I worked on cleaning out the nursery. Later I had to go to Rocky Mount to have my car looked at, so mom followed and we went shopping. We went to Lowes and bought all the paint/supplies. We then went to Target to see if they had letters to go above the cribs, but they didn't so then we went to Michael's, but they didn't have a D or a K so then we went to Walmart where we found all the letters that I needed. We then headed home to start working. While Michael was picking up dinner mom and I prepped the room. Here is a before shot of the room once we cleared everything out (except furniture):
After dinner mom and Michael primed while I painted the letters downstairs. They wouldn't let me help with the primer due to the odor. After the priming was done and my letters were done it was time for bed. The next morning mom and I put up tape for where we wanted a green line in the middle and up top, while Michael mowed the back yard. Once that was done, mom went ahead and painted the bookshelf that was bright red to a beautiful brown. At noon we went to Chick-fil-a for lunch and then Lowes to pick up a few extra things like more pan inserts and a mask for me so I could help. We then came back and painted the brown. I did the trimming while mom and Michael rolled. Once that was completed we came downstairs for dinner. Then we took down the tape and then retaped to be able to paint the green stripes. I rolled the middle stripe while mom and Michael painted up top (I was not allowed on any foot stools or latters).

Sunday morning we woke up early for early service at church. After church we came back and did a few touch ups which took just a few minutes. Then we did the rearranging of the furniture. This took a lot of tries to try and figure out how we were going to get two cribs, a dresser, changing station, and a rocking chair in the room. Once we figured it out we put up letters above the cribs and put up the classic pooh portraits I had. Here is the room as it stands now:
The only things we have left to do is put up the 2nd crib (in front of the Zack side), put up curtains on both windows and the closet, and put in our bedding. Our bedding is still on it's way, but here are the links for both Maddie's: and Zack's:
After we were done, mom had to pack up the truck and head home. Thanks mom for all your help!! LOVE YOU!!!


Amy and Michael said...

I love it! Can't wait to see it in person. I don't know if we'll be able to get up there before those little ones come but we will be there after! Well, only once you are ready for us to visit. Or If you need a full nights sleep I can come up there and stay :-) I can't wait to meet Zack and Maddie, getting very excited!

Debbie said...

I knew you had good taste when you married Michael, but it doesn't stop there. You and your mom and Michael did a beautiful job. I know you are proud of it. I can't wait until I can hold Zack and Maddie in the rocker myself!!!!

lacey said...

love the room!!!!