Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

Last Wednesday night we headed to Jacksonville for our first stop on Thanksgiving weekend. We arrived at Gram and Pop's house around 9:30pm and the twins immediately ate and went to bed. The next morning everyone was in their Thanksgiving Day best. Maddie and Zack took some really cute pictures with Callie. Thanksgiving we saw Great-Great-Aunt Madelin, Mimi, Great Grandpa Whitey, Aunt April, Uncle Jimmy, Uncle Mitchell, Aunt Amy, Uncle Michael, Cousin Callie, and of Course Gram and Pop. Mommy went shopping around 5pm for about an hour (Michael's had a WONDERFUL sale), but this was the first year I did not go shopping on Friday morning. Instead, after their 2nd bottle we headed to Sneads Ferry to see Great Grandpa Nowell and Great Grandma Nowell. This was the first time they have seen the twins. Poor Maddie was a little cranky (she was exhausted) so everyone kept saying they thought Zack was a "better" baby. Michael and I kept saying "they are both good, but Maddie is tired".
After our short visit to Sneads Ferry we were off to Grampy's and Grandma's house in Castle Hayne. We had a wonderful dinner and then another Thanksgiving meal on Saturday. Oh boy did mommy and daddy pig out!
In this next picture Callie is giving Zack a kiss. She was so sweet. Maddie was taking a nap or she would have received a kiss from Callie as well.
Callie is pulling the wish bone with Grampy!
After their second bottle on Sunday we headed home. Thank you to Pop and Gram and to Grampy and Grandma for their hospitality and helping with the twins!!

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w.m.nowell said...

Great pics-as always- enjoyed you all Thanksgiving- wow what a full house!! Thanks again - had fun with the twins. Love you all