Sunday, July 28, 2013

First Baseball Game

Friday night we took the kids to The Charlotte Knights baseball game. It was their first baseball game.  I believe it was their first sport that they have even been to.  They did GREAT!  When we got their the Knights had a play area and the kids bounced in a bouncy house, slid down a huge slide, and Zack clocked how fast he can throw the ball.  There is a funny story behind the radar story.  There was a young lady with a radar gun standing off to the side when someone throws the ball.  Well Zack goes to throw the ball but when he releases it, he threw it directly at the lady.  She had to duck so she wouldn't get hit.

After we played for a few minutes, we then went to our seats and enjoyed hotdogs, chips, and cotton candy during the game.  There were a few foul balls hit our way, but none directly at us. However, we all had our gloves in case they did!  The kids LOVED the mascot, which was a Dragon named Homer.  They got a picture with him later in the night.  They also loved the "music" and when the crowd got to chant "charge"!  They did so great!  They stayed in their seats the whole game.  We stayed until the end of the game.  So they were in their seats for over 3 hours.  So proud!! 

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4fishing said...

Zack is just like his old man= wanted to get some womans attention!!
Glad they enjoyed it so much