Sunday, August 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Zack


Our dear sweet baby boy.  God has blessed us with such an amazing son.  We can't believe that you are already four.  I tell you all the time to "stop growing", which you then reply... "no you stop shrinking."  You have enriched our lives more than we could have imagined.  We are so lucky to have you!  You are compassionate, loving, funny, and just amazing!  You currently love to read, sing, help mommy (and others), play cars, watch movies, and play games.  You know how to spell your's and your sister's name along with a few other words, you can count to 29, know what color combos can be combined to make new colors, and you are currently learning how to write several letters on your own.  We love you so much.  To the moon and back and then a few more laps.  Thank you for being such an amazing little boy.  We hope you have a wonderful 4th birthday. 


Mommy & Daddy

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