Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sewing Gifts

This week I have been busy working on some projects for a special birthday girl this weekend!  So WARNING, Aunt Amy don't read further if you want to be surprised.  If you continue to read DON'T let Callie see this until after her party!

Ok!  For the rest of you...  Like I said I have been busy sewing some projects.  Last week while on Pinterest (how many conversations start this way now?), I saw some "everyday princess wear" and thought it would be perfect for our Disney trip next year.  Since there are only two girls in the family, I decided to try and make these dresses for Callie and Maddie to wear while at Disney.  (Side note: all the boys will be getting at least 1 shirt, haven't decided which character I want to do or if I want to do more than 1 since there will be 4 boys!). On the site I saw there were 4 dresses: Cinderella, Rapunzel, Tinkerbell and Snow White.  I talked to Aunt Amy and decided to make 3 dresses: Minnie Mouse (since we will meet her the first day), Cinderella (we will be going to her dinner), and Rapunzel because the girls like her.  So I made those three...but because I LOVE Snow White, I made her dress too.  Hopefully Callie will like them.  She doesn't have to wear them to Disney, but maybe she can play dress up at home too!  I've talked to Michael  and I think I'm going to start making some and try selling them online. We will see how that goes.  I might add Sleeping Beauty and Tinkerbell online, not sure.  So without further delay, here are the dresses...

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Amy and Michael said...

Amazing!!! She is gonna love them all!! I will buy sleeping beauty from you once its online!!