Sunday, December 1, 2013

First Day of Advent

Today is December 1, or the first day of advent.  It is fitting that it fell on Sunday this year.  This year I'm starting something new, go figure right?  I'm doing the activity advent like I did last year with the kids. I'm also doing an advent book calendar too.  Each day the kids get to pick the number that coincides with the date, and do the activity that is on the paper.  We also open the package (which are all books), and read that one for the day.  Today's advent activity was: "watch a Christmas movie".  The book was "What Is Christmas?".  The kids picked A Charlie Brown's Christmas for the movie.  In the book we learned why we celebrate Christmas.  My favorite line in the book is: "Santa Claus and Christmas trees and presents are okay, but Jesus is the real reason we have a Christmas day!"

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