Sunday, December 1, 2013

Heavy Heart

I'm not one that usually shares my personal thoughts, especially those that are extremely personal.  However, I just feel that I am supposed to share this story with you all.  Tonight we had our annual Hanging of the Greens service at church.  This is my favorite service that our church does. I will share videos and pictures tomorrow.  This service has all choirs sing and decorate the church with Nativity, wreaths, candles, and lighting of the tree.  The twins' choir, the choir that I teach, the bells play, the adult choir, and more all take part.  Tonight, the twins sang first and since Mike sings in the choir too, there was no one to watch the kids when it was my turn to lead the kids choir I teach.  Luckily, I had my phone and I kind of just shoved it in their hands while I rushed to do my part.  Afterwards, I sat back with the kids while the next choir sang.  Here I was, thinking, "who can I pawn the kids off to? (Aka...who can sit with them so I can go sing in the adult choir.)".  That is when I was just struck by God that I was exactly where I was supposed to be.  I had these two beautiful gifts from God in my arms, and I realized just how blessed I am!!!  I immediately started crying, which had some church members worried, but it wasn't sad tears.  They were tears of gratitude, for I know just how richly blessed I am!  There are several people that don't get the chance to be stressed about kids.  I am just so lucky!!!!!  Instead of singing in the rest of the service, I held on tight to my precious babies.  

Then we headed home.  We all came in, crazy rushed as always, when Zack came to me and said "Trapper was a bad dog".  He proceeded to show me the kitchen, where Trapper had knocked over the trash can and trash was literally everywhere.  It was very disgusting.  I immediately turned to anger, throwing myself a pity party for having to clean up all the mess.  Again, God stopped me in my tracks and convicted my heart.  "You are so lucky!  You are blessed to have a home!!!"  Yes, it may always be messy, but you are fortunate to have a roof.  I again immediately started crying.  (This scared my poor husband.  I'm not one that shares my feelings by talking about them, I'm just way to emotional of a person.). I hate that I always focus on the negative and never think about just how richly blessed I am.  So, this story might show you how hormonal I am (ha ha) or it just might show you too that in the stress and craziness of life...stop and look at the big picture.  Coming off of Thanksgiving, should put a true perspective on all the blessings that God has given you.  If you stop and name your blessings one by one, you will see that you are very richly blessed!

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